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Looking for Cortney's Money-Saving Business Planner?

 You're in the right place!



USA Today Bestselling Author, Cortney Pearson, has put together the same business planner she uses while running her book business. This business planner includes pages to help you:


  • Plan out your book releases for the year.
  • See if your books have a positive ROI. 
  • Keep track of your author/writing budget.
  • Track your paperback books sold at signings. 


And more!


Where Do I Get One?




To access Cortney's Money-Saving Business Planner, a password is required. This password is available only in Cortney Pearson's book, Money-Saving Guide to Self-Publishing, which can be purchased on Amazon. 

Not only do you get an amazing resource where Cortney lays out all the costly mistakes she made when she first began self-publishing (and how you can avoid them!), but it also includes the password to get your FREE copy of her business planner. 

Grab your copy today! 



Cortney Pearson

Cortney Pearson is the USA Today bestselling author of the Stolen Tears series. She writes fantasy worlds brimming with adventure and magic, from wizards to ghosts to pirates. She is the mom of four cuties, loves classical music, chocolate, slow-burn kissing scenes, and sparkles.

She also write clean romance as Catelyn Meadows.